Thought Leaders, Expert Practitioners and People Like You

Abhinav Darbari

Consultant | Digital Transformation at Tata Consultancy Services

Adam Burns

2020欧洲杯对阵图Senior Editor & Presenter at MeetTheBoss.TV

Ade McCormack

Founder of The Digital Readiness Institute

Adele Ratten

Cyber Security Consultant at The Digital Transformation People

Ahmed Khidhir

Senior Pre-Sales Consultant at Misys

Al Morris

Content & Marketing Executive

Alan Thorpe

Managing Director at Bray Leino Yucca

Alessandro Rimassa

Innovation School CEO and People&Culture Director

Alexei Balaganski

Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole

Alison Clare

Independent Programme Manager at TC Projects Ltd

Aman Sood

Information Security Consultant

Andrew Binns

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Principal, Change Logic

Andrew Kidd

2020欧洲杯对阵图CEO & Founder

Andrew Salmon

Senior Partner at Digital Works Group

Andrew Ward

Head of Digital Customer Experience / Head of Digital Product

Angela Prentner-Smith

Managing Consultant

Anikh Subhan

Head of Agile & Tech Coaching

Ankit Kumar

Business Development Manager

Ann Longley

Founder, Something New Together

Antoine Poincare

Country Manager UK & Ireland at Coorpacademy

Antony Cousins

Director of Customer Success at Profinda

Anuj Tripathi

Associate Director - Enterprise Sales, Affle

Anupam Bonanthaya

2020欧洲杯对阵图Chief Marketing Officer at Better Place Safety Solutions

Ben Thompson

2020欧洲杯对阵图Editor/Presenter at MeetTheBoss.TV

Bernardo Crespo Velasco

Digital Transformation Leader at IE Business School

Bertrand Maltaverne

Procurement Digitalist

Bharat Thakrar


Bhumika Zhaveri

Founder & CEO

Bill Ross

Vice President, Strategic Client Development at Softvision

Birendra Kumar Sahu

CTO & Vice President, FirstHive

Braden Kelley

Innovation, Change & Digital Marketing Strategist at Innovation Excellence

Brian Loomis

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Solis

2020欧洲杯对阵图International Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader, Analyst

Bryan Christiansen

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder and CEO

Burke Turner

Digital Workplace Consultant at We Are Atmosphere

Carla Curtsinger

Speaker, Writer, Executive Coach

Charlene Li

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder & Senior Fellow

Chirag Gandhi

Chief Technology Officer at Mphasis

Chris Murphy

Chairman, Founder, Innovator and Visionary at Cyber Safety Harbor

Corey Ganzman

2020欧洲杯对阵图Marketing and Talent Advisor/Consultant

Craig Cockburn

Agile Leadership and Digital Transformation

Dana Damanhouri

2020欧洲杯对阵图Student Ambassador at Kings College London

Daniel Burrus

2020欧洲杯对阵图Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Strategic Business Consultant

David de Bruijne

Head of Digital at Southfields NL

David Linwood

Head of IT at Amicus Finance plc

David Sprott

2020欧洲杯对阵图Futurist, Analyst, Writer at Independent Consultant

Declan Kavanagh

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Director & Principal

Deepthi Rajan

Head - Technology Upskilling & Communication at Société Générale

Derek Miers

Research Director at Gartner

Dhruv Chopra

Strategy Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Didier Bonnet

Affiliate Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation at IMD Business School

Dmitriy Druzhinskiy

Sales Manager, Writer

Donal Daly

2020欧洲杯对阵图Chief Technology Officer at Singularities

Dorothy Di Stefano

Director at Molten

Doyle Buehler

2020欧洲杯对阵图Senior Smarty Pants

Elise Korolev

Partner for Strategy & Leadership, Digital Works Group

Endri Hasanaj

Co-founder & CEO, Lithos Digital

Ethan Millar

Software Developer

Euan Semple

Author, speaker and business transformation strategist

Fatmir Hyseni

Marketing & Business Development at Kosbit LLC

Francesco Scarnera

CEO at iBe TSE Ltd

Frank Hare

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cyber Security Consultant at RedTeamCyberSecurity

Frank Mattes

Innovation thoughtleader, Innovation-3

Gam Dias

2020欧洲杯对阵图Data Strategist

Garret Keogh

Partner, Strategy, Leadership and Innovation

Gary Burke

2020欧洲杯对阵图Transformation programme manager and consultant passionate about driving effective change

Geoff Parker


Georgia Scobie

Content Executive at Fresh Montgomery

Gianluca Carrera

2020欧洲杯对阵图COO at Reward

Graham Smith

2020欧洲杯对阵图Enterprise Solutions Consultant at Trobexis

Grant Martin

2020欧洲杯对阵图Global Business Development Manager at Yebotech

Greg Satell

2020欧洲杯对阵图International Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author and Advisor

Greg Taylor

General Manager at Brill.app & Tigerspike

Guthrie Holliday

Director, Public Sector

Harman Singh

Director at Defendza

Haydn Shaughnessy

2020欧洲杯对阵图Co-founder, Flow Academy Ltd

Heather Hancock

Executive Director Business and Commercial Operations

Heidi Beets

Enterprise Architect

Hilton Barbour

Marketing Provocateur (Independent Consultant)

Ian Patterson

Independent Digital Transformation & Strategy Consultant

Ian Reid

2020欧洲杯对阵图Talent Services Director

Ian Glover

President of CREST

Indra Chourasia

Senior Business Architect, Tata

Indy Dhami

Associate Partner, IBM

Irene Gloria Addison

2020欧洲杯对阵图Owner of HIREghana

Isaac Sacolick

2020欧洲杯对阵图President | CIO | Author

Jack Perschke

2020欧洲杯对阵图Partner at Atos Consulting

Jacqui Rigby

2020欧洲杯对阵图Strategic Business Transformation Consultant & Interim

Jagger Esch

CEO of Elite Insurance Partners

James Coughlan

Interim Director

James Gaskin

Digital Program Strategy Manager

James Leighton Davis

2020欧洲杯对阵图CEO & Founder at Leighton Davis & Associates

Jane Frankland

2020欧洲杯对阵图Cyber Security Entrepreneur and MD at Cyber Security Capital


Managing Director - Corix Partners

Jed Singer

President of Socialight Media

Jeff Wellstead

Chief Strategy Officer

Jeffrey Phillips

Head of Innovation

Jens Harsaae

2020欧洲杯对阵图Chairman of the Board of Directors, LanguageWire

Jeremy Harris

Vice President Business Transformation, Cartier

Jessica Thiele

2020欧洲杯对阵图Marketing Manager, VL OMNI

Joe Fields

2020欧洲杯对阵图 Digital Marketing Manager at Onalytica

John Coleman

Agility Chef and Professional Scrum Trainer

Jon Ingham

2020欧洲杯对阵图Executive Consultant

Jonathan Hilton

Partner: Strategy, Leadership & Innovation

Jonathan Wanono

Business Development Director France & UK at Warda

Joseph Dolphin

2020欧洲杯对阵图Director Financial Services, Capgemini Consulting

Josip Mlinaric

Outreach Specialist

Judy Selby

Insurance Coverage Consultant at Judy Selby Consulting LLC

Kalyan Banga

Founder & Principal Business Analyst

Karen Ferris


Ken Lynch

2020欧洲杯对阵图CEO Reciprocity Labs

Ken Polotan

CxO Advisory | Strategy | Growth | Innovation

Kenneth Gustin

2020欧洲杯对阵图VP Sales, Socially Savvy

Kerushan Govender

Managing Director at Blacfox

Kevin Adema


Kevin Gray

2020欧洲杯对阵图Marketing Science & Analytics at Cannon Gray

Kevin McDonnell

2020欧洲杯对阵图Senior Director at Relias Learning

Kostiantyn Didur

2020欧洲杯对阵图Marketing Manager at N-iX

Kristopher Stice-Hall

CMO/Principal Consultant - Development

Kunal Chakraborty

Chief Digital & Customer Experience Officer, at GrandVision Retail Holding B.V.

Kyle Smith

Growth Marketer

Laurent Fayet

Digital Transformation, Data & Analytics Expert

Leading Digital Transformation Podcast Series

From Rob Llewellyn and The Digital Transformation People

Lee Bryant

2020欧洲杯对阵图Explorer at Shift*Base Research

Lindsay Herbert

2020欧洲杯对阵图Senior Technical Leader & Digital Transformation SME

Logan Nathan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder & CEO at i4Tradies

Louis Bouwer

2020欧洲杯对阵图Innovation Management Strategist

Luca Mazzocato

Masterdata Administrator

Lucy Kaith

2020欧洲杯对阵图Marketing Specialist, Gateway Digital Europe

Ludmila Morozova-Buss

Vice President , PR & Media Communications at GIIM

Maneesh Chaturvedi

Vice President, Engineering and Architecture

Mark Hewitt

2020欧洲杯对阵图Co-Founder at Socially Savvy

Mark Warman

Digital Transformation Consultant at East Innovations

Matt Alder

Author, Talent Acquisition and Innovation Consultant

Matthew Gierc

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Maulik Shah

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Max Becker


Max Pastukh

Manager at ZeusGroup

Max Blumberg

Managing Consultant at Blumberg Partnership Ltd

Mel Ross


Micha Veen

2020欧洲杯对阵图Supply Chain and Operational Innovation Specialist

Michael Wade

2020欧洲杯对阵图Professor Innovation and Strategy at the IMD Business School and  Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation

Michiko Wolcott

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Partner & Principal Consultant at Msight Analytics

Miles Pritchard

2020欧洲杯对阵图Head of Data & Technology Strategy, at Annalect EMEA

Minter Dial

Professional Speaker, Author & Consultant

Mobin Barati

CEO | Consulting Director at MOBIN Enterprise

Mohammad Shalan

Head of Technology

Moni Oloyede

Marketing Operations Specialist at Fidelis Cybersecurity

Mordecai Holtz

Chief Digital Strategist at Blue Thread Marketing

Natalie Smithson

Digital Innovation Copywriter ~ Independent

Nathan Sykes

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder and tech writer at Finding an Outlet

Neale Croutear-Foy

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder & Director

Neil Furnivall

Associate Director at Grant Thornton UK LLP

Neil Rainey

Writer of Book Summaries at The Digital Transformation People

News In Digital

2020欧洲杯对阵图The latest news, views and how to's for Digital Transformation

Niall McKeown

Trouble Maker at Ionology

Nick Gurney

2020欧洲杯对阵图Principal, Gurneydigital

Nicole Sharon Schultz

Freelance Writer at NSS Creative | Director Of Marketing & PR at AsylumConnect

Nigel Tebbutt

2020欧洲杯对阵图Digital Business Transformation @ Digital Village UK

Pablo Manuel Garcia Corzo

Solutions Architect @ BlueTC

Patrick Turchi

Senior Consultant at Roland Berger

Paul Aldred-Bann

2020欧洲杯对阵图Software Engineer

Paul Anderson

Senior Project Manager

Paul Hobcraft

2020欧洲杯对阵图Innovation Knowledge Provider

Paul Taffinder

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Partner

Peter Cook

Managing Director, Human Dynamics

Peter Evans

Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute

Peter Jarrett

2020欧洲杯对阵图Head of Operations

Peter Syme

2020欧洲杯对阵图MD at 1000 Mile Journeys

Peter Abraham

2020欧洲杯对阵图Co-Founder at weareCrank

Peter Goral

Social Media Business Strategist at ArtEnvy Inc.

Peter Maloney

Group CEO at Clear Cell Ltd

Peter Murchland

Associate at Interface Consultants

Phil Tottie


Phil Darby

2020欧洲杯对阵图Pioneering Brand Led Transformation at The Full Effect Company

Phil Dearson

Partner at Subsector

Philip Dwyer

2020欧洲杯对阵图Group Chief Digital Officer at PCH International

Philippe Abdoulaye

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder and CEO The Digital IT Academy an e-learning platform.

Piyanka Jain

President & CEO at Aryng

Pratikash Bagh

2020欧洲杯对阵图Digital Business Consultant

Predrag Jakovljevic

Principal Analyst

Quincy Smith

Marketing Manager at Springboard

Rachel Mezzatesta

Co-Founder and CEO of Socially Savvy

Raj Grover

Founder at Transform Partner

Randy Shattuck

Chief Thinker & Strategist at The Shattuck Group

Rav Punia

Managing Director

Ray Jarratt

2020欧洲杯对阵图CEO at Hindsite

Rhys Sharp

2020欧洲杯对阵图Technology Director at NotBinary & Board Advisor to Fedr8

Richard Lucas

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Director at Discerning Digital

Richard Chiumento

Director at Rialto

Richard Cronin

Chief Executive at Balcroft Consulting Ltd

Richard Hechenbichler

Director for Innovation and Digital Transformation Challenges

Richard Lee

2020欧洲杯对阵图Managing Partner at IMECS LLC

Richard Morecroft

Managing Partner - Strategy & Leadership at Digital Works Group

Richard Owen

CEO of MeetTheBoss.tv

Ripu Daman Singh

Digital Transformation Consultant, Lean Apps GmbH

Rob Hill

Chief Revenue Officer at ProFinda

Rob Llewellyn

2020欧洲杯对阵图Chief Executive at CXO Transform

Robert McCabe

Global Event Sales Director @ KuppingerCole Analyst

Rod Collins

Innovation Sherpa at Salt Flats

Roderic Yapp

Director at Leadership Forces

Roger Gorman

CEO at ProFinda

Rogier Noort

2020欧洲杯对阵图Consultant / Coach at NOORT Social Business

Rohit Chopra

2020欧洲杯对阵图Digital Transformation Consultant

Roland Deiser

Drucker Senior Fellow and Director, Center for the Future of Organization

Roland Rust

Independent Digital Transformation Consultant

Romy Hughes


Ronald van Loon

Analytics thought leader & Director at Adversitement

Rorie Devine

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder and CEO at Interim.Team

Sakshi Gaurav

Content Specialist

Salim Sheikh

2020欧洲杯对阵图Head of Architecture & Governance

Sally Philip

Digital Delivery/ Change Director

Sam Isaacson

Digital transformation adviser and accredited coach at Grant Thornton

Samuel Church

2020欧洲杯对阵图Senior Consultant at Grant Thornton UK LLP

Sandeep Raut

Vice President & Head Digital (APAC, ME & Australia)

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder and CMO at Terminus

Sanjana Rajendran

Regional Brand Director at Digital Arts Network

Sasha Qadri

2020欧洲杯对阵图Presenter / Editor at Meet the Boss TV

Sebastian Haire

Director at ProFinda


2020欧洲杯对阵图Data-driven analytics solutions for business change

Shawna Ryan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Sr. Business Planning Manager, Communications at T-Mobile

Sheetal Bansal

2020欧洲杯对阵图Change & Transformation Manager

Shubham Soin

Site Ops Engineer, LinkedIn

Simon Chan

Business Analyst

Simon Swan

2020欧洲杯对阵图Head of Marketing / Transformation

Simon Ratcliffe

Principal Consultant, Ensono

Simon Reindl

Professional Scrum Curriculum Steward

Simon Wyk

Digital Strategy Consultant, Change Agent

Sofie Sandell

Project Management Co-ordinator & Digital Strategist at Spinit AB

Spiros Tsaltas

2020欧洲杯对阵图Principal and Founder at HireLoyalty

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Co-Founder, Agrahyah Technologies

Stephen Baughn

Deputy Director, GSA

Steve Sharpe


Stuart Hall

2020欧洲杯对阵图Partner - Digital Transformation, iBe TSE Ltd

Sushant Ajmani

2020欧洲杯对阵图VP, Digital Solutions at Blueocean Market Intelligence

Tanguy De Keyzer

CMO at The Growth Agency

Ted Bauer

2020欧洲杯对阵图Writing about Marketing, Future of Work and Organizational Development

Terry Walton

Digital Transformation Leader

Terry Neal

CEO, InfoSec Skills

Tetiana Boichenko

Marketing Manager at N-iX

The Digital Transformation People

Book Reviews, Executive Summaries & Recommended Reading

Tim Williams

CEO @ Onalytica

Tim Ellis

2020欧洲杯对阵图Founder of The Digital Transformation People

Tony Paul

Co Founder

Tony D'Onofrio

2020欧洲杯对阵图CEO of TD Insights

Vikash Kumar

Manager at TatvaSoft

Vimal Mani

Chief Information Security Officer, Bank Of Sharjah

Vivek Vishnu

2020欧洲杯对阵图Chief Digital Officer at Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.

Vivienne Neale

2020欧洲杯对阵图Director at Vivienne K Neale Digital

Wendy Smith

Co-Founder and Co-Directcor of the Women's Leadership Initiative

Yahya Mohamed Mao

2020欧洲杯对阵图Head of Marketing Services