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Featured Image for How the U.S. Air Force Deployed Kubernetes and Istio on an F-16 in 45 days – The New Stack

By Tom Krazit

Portworx sponsored The New Stack’s coverage of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019. As hybrid…


Featured Image for As natural language processing techniques improve, suggestions are getting speedier and more relevant

By Kim Martineau

2020欧洲杯对阵图In a new study, researchers at MIT and IBM combine three popular text-analysis tools –…


Featured Image for Amazon Launch Quantum Cloud Computing Service Called Braket Into AWS

By Navin Bondade

With news of Google Quatam Supermacy, the feeling of blue-chip companies has become even more…


Featured Image for Where top VCs are investing in digital health – TechCrunch

By Arman Tabatabai

The world of healthcare has notoriously been described as “broken ” – plagued with high-friction…


Featured Image for Oxford Course on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing – New World : Artificial Intelligence

By Newworldai

2020欧洲杯对阵图Deep Learning methods achieve state-of-the-art results on a suite of natural language processing problems. What…


Featured Image for Can Virtual Reality (VR) Transform Branded Events? Q&A With John Kaplan of Centerline Digital

By Neha Pradhan Editor Interviews

VR should be thought of as another tool in the toolbox to be used for…


Featured Image for Quantum computing leaps ahead in 2019 with new power and speed

By Stephen Shankland

2020欧洲杯对阵图Quantum computers are getting a lot more real. No, you won’t be playing Call of…


Featured Image for Interview with G+D Mobile Security on the value of tokenization in securing transactions in a world of digital transformation

2020欧洲杯对阵图Gabrielle Bugat of G+D Mobile Security highlights the value of tokenization in securing transactions in…


Featured Image for How to integrate robotic process automation in big data projects

By Mary Shacklett

Robotic process automation requires repetitive data. Find out which tools can help structure and read…


Featured Image for In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics

By Louise Lerner

2020欧洲杯对阵图December 9, 2019 by Louise Lerner, University of Chicago (From left) graduate students Kevin Miao,…