Beyond Modeling 101

Beyond Modeling 101

By Kevin Gray

Anyone working in marketing research or data science has had some exposure to statistical modeling.…


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By Inwt-blog-rbloggers

[This article was first published on INWT-Blog-RBloggers, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers]. (You can report…


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2020欧洲杯对阵图Each year, 2 million single adults receive housing, health, and emergency services from Los Angeles…


Don’t data despair

Don’t data despair

By Matthew Gierc

In 2019, as data proliferates — from general information to real-time decision support, to robotics…

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How to achieve data culture

How to achieve data culture

By Matthew Gierc

Everyone uses data. And everyone wants to use it. The problem? We’re trying to analyze it…


Featured Image for Is Deep Learning a Game Changer for Marketing Analytics?

By Glen Urban

2020欧洲杯对阵图Companies are already making sophisticated marketing decisions with data and analytics. Will deep learning enable…


Featured Image for Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Clinical Practice: Can the Past Inform the Present?

2020欧洲杯对阵图Physicians’ minds, no matter how bright or experienced, are fallible-unable to adequately store, recall, and…


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By Analytics Insight

Data Science in Digital Marketing The existence of Digital Marketing strategies would be non-apparent without…


Featured Image for ‘Brilliant’ Philosophers and ‘Funny’ Psychology Instructors: What a Data-Visualization Tool Tells Us About How Students See Their Professors.

By Beth Mcmurtrie

Max Whittaker for The Chronicle You’re reading the latest issue of Teaching, a weekly newsletter…